Everyone important have time, life, joyful and happy
3 months working 1 day. everyday to play and study bible. no boring; same as travel everyday
冇煩惱; 好似旅行每一日

做完美世界天上之國 阿凡達導演 (小心管錢這位人)
everyone gather HK$1000 to make PERFECT WORLD Paradise(take care keep money people)
完美世界天上之國 拆解解決全球問題方法

Because everyone is angry now
People do Dissatisfied with the world

小孩不用想吃什麽 不用賺錢 不用工作 小孩最開心 全球人也是這樣開心去玩
Children don’t mind have to eat, make money, or work
People all over the world are so happy to play

1 首先制作完美世界天上之國電影
2 全球每人派發€1億元
3 全球全部工作3個月工作1天
4 工作自動化, 機械化
5 減少建築, 工業商業大廈改為住宅, 增加農業
6 設定全球人民問題系統, 自動分類分類, 歸納問題
7 1年買貨物後, 全球不使用錢
8 全球聽聖經, 明白這地球怎樣運作, 生活相處
9 禁止有問題書 電視 電影
10 全地人開心, 歡欣生活

1 First make the perfect world heavenly movie
2 Everyone in the world distributed €100 million
3 Work all over the world for 3 months and 1 day
4 Work automation, mechanization
5 Reduced construction and converted industrial and commercial buildings into residential buildings, Increase agriculture
6 Set up the global people’s problem system, automatically classify and classify problems, and summarize problems
7 After 1 year of buying goods, no money is used worldwide
8 The world listens to the bible, understands how this earth works, and lives together
9 band have problem book TV Movie
10 All place people happy and joyfull living in the world

Insert CONVERSATION 35 years ago
完美世界天上之國 每個人無愁恨
Perfect World Kingdom of Heaven
everyone no Grieving and Fight

Everyone in the paradise will not have hates and wars
每個人在樂園裡 就不會有憎恨和戰爭

每個人已經在樂園裡 喜樂生活
Must be the complete world paradise
Everyone is already in the paradise for everyone joyful liveing
To solve all problems

The Bible includes everything and everything in the world There is also a Future, Ancient
and now
聖經包括世界每樣事物 每種東西
也有未來 現在 古代


Insert SCENE
Why.com 就是電腦投票系統
上載圖片 文字 影片 聲音
服務者需要明白聖經和看過全部書籍 最重要明白真理 神看重什麽
Why.com is computer vote system
There are more than 100 items in the world
Global people can upload questions and requirements
Upload picture text video Voice
give server implementation
One day may upload 7 billion people worldwide
The computer will summarize
More than 100 items then A large summary
waiting for solution
There are certain matters that require global voting

The server needs to understand the Bible and read all the books. The most important thing is to understand the truth. What does God value?

機械人的腦 就是全球人已知的事,物和理論
人的奥秘 秘密
然後做出指令 行動 人們可以不用工作
Robotic brains are things, things and theories known to people around the world Global language Global people enter together The mystery of man Then answer the question Each question may have 7 different answers Then make instructions

Countries grow their all resources
Resources can be recycled nature grow
Agriculture can also be automated
各國自己種植資源 自己生產
資源可以循環 農業也可自動化
Helping other countries produce the best things, leading to a problem-free world and life
Ajudar outros países a produzir as melhores coisas, levando a um mundo e vida sem problemas

At the end of Revelation 20, people commit the Ten Commandments.
The last ten turns have evolved into this
Those who commit the Ten Commandments also do not go to heaven.
The people of heaven do not commit the Ten Commandments, there will be no pain, crying
There is life tree, there is no more death, there is eternal life.
啟示錄20章尾 就是人們犯十誡
天國的人不犯十誡 就不會有 痛苦 哭號
有生命水 樹 就不再有死亡 有永生

政治的職位 有了這職位 每天也要諗些政治手段 收錢 將來也無了政治 手段
現在地球上每一個人也是奴隶 completeworld.us
Political position. With this position, I have to take some political means every day. I will collect money. There will be no political means in the future. Everyone on earth is also a slave now.

insert Playing
Helium balloon
See the scenery
See Running water waterfall
Play torrent
Feed animals play with animals
Sing karaoke Sing poetry
Sing santa song
watch movie
Ocean park +swim
Paradise Park
Heaven Park
Joyful Park
Insert SCENE

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